Welcome to Liliepads!

My name is Amanda Kennedy, and I’m a girl [woman] on a mission.

I’m a student at a women’s college near Philadelphia, PA with a lot still to learn about the world around me. But from what I do understand, So many people in the world around me have become victim to a superficial sense of beauty, one that focuses on too many numbers (waist size, scale digits, calories counted) and drug-store products (hair dye, pouty lipstick, magic creams) and not enough inner confidence.

I want to change that, starting here. Starting now.

I fall prey to this mantra at times, too, so I hope that this blog will serve as a constant reminder that there is so much more beauty out there than the constructed kind. (Think paper dolls made out of glossy national magazines.)

Excerpt from one of my first stories about three flowers who became friends, circa 1997.

I have been writing since age 5, beginning with stories about girl superheroes, flowers and other magical things. My writing today considers secret worlds, journalism and deep thought. I am still amazed after all these years how words can transform and lead people to see what is truly important in this world.  

Liliepads is my web site where I chronicle musings, hopes, wishes, and understandings for the world. I want to show everyone the beauty that I see and feel: food, love, girl power, sunny days, whatever it takes.


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