[XXXX] Or, Why Titles Are Hard

When I write, I always have the hardest time writing an introduction. The first line is a challenge and a half. I stare at the blank screen in front of me and am slightly intimidated by the unbounded possibilities of word and sentence combinations that I could present to convey my thoughts. Once I begin and I get the ball rolling, however, it is smooth sailing from there.

Usually I start with the title of my piece last. After I’ve understood the meaning behind my words, I replace my header of “XXXX” with something catchy, something witty, something strong.

With a blog, however, that is impossible! Start with the title first, then move onto the content. So naturally, I just sat for days (with obvious bathroom breaks, meals, reading and observing, dog cuddling and bedtime included. Oh, and showers. I like to smell nice.) and contemplated the prospects of my blog, mostly the title. What’s in a name? Well, everything. I needed something that would at least attempt to capture my vision. Then I could move on to the fun stuff of writing.

So, after a bazillion brainstorms, twenty plus times clicking “Sign Up Now” on WordPress.com, only to find that my ideas for titles were indeed taken, and three account sign-ups and mind changes, I finally settled on Lilie Pads. It is not a perfect title, but it is mine nevertheless. (If my name were Lilie, now that would be perfect.)

I have so many writing pads and journals stuffed away in drawers in my room at home. I scribble voraciously small notes and reminders to myself, ideas for stories and articles and amusing doggerel.  I have always found Lilies to be lovely flowers that embody natural beauty. And lily pads look fun. I wanted to create a title that emphasized my hope to chronicle the beauty around me and within, one leap across the page at a time.

So voila, a title is born.

Now, let the fun stuff begin.

(Also, who doesn’t like playing Leapfrog?)

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