Leaping Onward

This blog had a short life–fortunately I thought of an even more fitting title for my blog! You can continue to follow me here:


Thanks so much!

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The Sweet Life

The combination of women and chocolate in the same sentence can get a bad rap, it seems.

Scenario #1: Woman meets Aunt Flo and a candy bar, i.e. It’s that time of the month. And she’s a real lioness until a little chocolate calms down her hormones, which may take a while.



Scenario #2: Woman spies thick slice of Death By Chocolate cake on a restaurant menu. Waiter says, “Hello, ladies, would you like to indulge on some dessert?” Woman orders desserts but feels bad about “indulging.” Her friends say, “You’re really going to eat that?” while they watch her eat it by herself as they sip their decaf Splenda-filled coffees.


Scenario #3: Woman’s boyfriend dumps her. Via text message. On Valentine’s Day. She drags herself to the nearest CVS and buys the biggest box of heart-shaped chocolates she can find. And proceeds to devour every single one while sitting on her bed, dripping mascara all over her face and blaring Riot Grrrl from her stereo. She is ready to start a revolution, starting with chocolate truffles and orange buttercreams.


These scenarios are bound to happen. And so what? Enjoy that chocolate, girl. Especially if it makes you happy. Who cares what those other girls at the restaurant table think? They are sipping on decaf Splenda-filled coffees, afterall. Yuck. And that boy who dumped you–who needs him? Blare your Riot Grrrl a little louder. Own that roar.

Chocolate shouldn’t be a means to make you feel instantly better about yourself–that can take time through building confidence and self-esteem. But if a little chocolate soothes you, then by all means go for it.

I like being happy. I had a double dose of chocolate today. (Well, yesterday–just haven’t gone to bed yet. This blogging thing is way too fun.)

My mom made pancakes for the two of us and put chocolate chips in mine.

Best way to eat pancakes by far, with a little light Olivio spread on top.

All gone!

I have to admit, I was feeling a little down a couple hours ago, so I did eat some more chocolate in the form of a hand-held hollow turkey left over from Thanksgiving dinner way back when:

I named him Delicious, but sadly, I didn’t pardon him. I just ate him instead.

While I realize that gobbling up that little fellow on a whim for a close-to-midnight snack may not have been the best way to lift my emotions, I don’t regret it. I eat healthfully, and I don’t binge. He’s just one of the many things that made me happy today:

  • Snuggling with my dog, a Hungarian Vizsla named Buddy (You will meet him soon!) before I got out of bed this morning
  • Starting my new blog
  • A Pilates workout
  • Talking to my boyfriend Stephen throughout the day (You will meet him soon, too. He goes to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, so we’re long distance for the time-being. He’s wonderful. And really hot. A man in uniform? Sa-woon!)

I have so many blessings, and chocolate makes life that much sweeter.

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[XXXX] Or, Why Titles Are Hard

When I write, I always have the hardest time writing an introduction. The first line is a challenge and a half. I stare at the blank screen in front of me and am slightly intimidated by the unbounded possibilities of word and sentence combinations that I could present to convey my thoughts. Once I begin and I get the ball rolling, however, it is smooth sailing from there.

Usually I start with the title of my piece last. After I’ve understood the meaning behind my words, I replace my header of “XXXX” with something catchy, something witty, something strong.

With a blog, however, that is impossible! Start with the title first, then move onto the content. So naturally, I just sat for days (with obvious bathroom breaks, meals, reading and observing, dog cuddling and bedtime included. Oh, and showers. I like to smell nice.) and contemplated the prospects of my blog, mostly the title. What’s in a name? Well, everything. I needed something that would at least attempt to capture my vision. Then I could move on to the fun stuff of writing.

So, after a bazillion brainstorms, twenty plus times clicking “Sign Up Now” on WordPress.com, only to find that my ideas for titles were indeed taken, and three account sign-ups and mind changes, I finally settled on Lilie Pads. It is not a perfect title, but it is mine nevertheless. (If my name were Lilie, now that would be perfect.)

I have so many writing pads and journals stuffed away in drawers in my room at home. I scribble voraciously small notes and reminders to myself, ideas for stories and articles and amusing doggerel.  I have always found Lilies to be lovely flowers that embody natural beauty. And lily pads look fun. I wanted to create a title that emphasized my hope to chronicle the beauty around me and within, one leap across the page at a time.

So voila, a title is born.

Now, let the fun stuff begin.

(Also, who doesn’t like playing Leapfrog?)

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